Basic Accessibility Guidelines

These can be used for posts and entries in any of the tools of the toolkit. Please also check each tools accessibility features

  • Fonts type: sans serif (preferably Arial or Tahoma)
  • Fonts size: 12+
  • Provide sufficient contrast in background and fonts (e.g. white background and black fonts, or black background and white fonts)
  • When and if appropriate use heading styles for headings and titles
  • When and if appropriate use list tools (e.g. bullets) for list items
  • All pictures should have alt-text
  • Avoid using decorative pictures or if used declare this in alt text options
  • Hyperlinks: create hyperlinks to text that is meaningful and unique to the link. Avoid entering (pasting) a full URL
  • Provide table of contents, archiving, or other navigation technique
  • Use simple language and short sentences (where appropriate)
  • Avoid using color coding as the only way to convey a message
  • Use captions in video (with language options when possible)
  • Include transcript or description in text for audio (alternative forms for audio / visual information)
  • Avoid too much animation or flash objects that may cause distraction

More information on Web Accessibility:

More information on content accessibility:

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